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Diablo 2 'Gem Activated' in Chat Explained

Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

Fans of the Diablo series noticed a message saying "Gem Activated" when they clicked on a Chat Gem.

With Diablo having a long history of leaving little mysteries for fans to unlock, this is the latest one catching the player base's eye.

Photo by Blizzard Entertaiment

Diablo 2 'Gem Activated' Explained

The "Gem Activated" chat secret has finally been revealed by Jay Wilson, the lead designer of Diablo III.

Wilson said, " I will definitely say, the chat gem did nothing in regards to its functionality in Diablo II."

With that answer being revealed, this leaves the "Gem Activated" message as another member of the long list of "Easter eggs" designers have left in their games just to mess around with players.

However, this does not mean that in Diablo II: Resurrected, that developers did not change its result. Although we have no confirmation of a new meaning behind "Gem Activated", I think it is safe to say fans will not give up until they have a new explanation.

In a PCGAMER article, they state that the original "Gem Activated" message could possibly have been a hint about the secret "cow level" in Diablo II. The cow level was added into Diablo II after there was another mystery about a secret level in Diablo. After that easter egg was proven false, Blizzard added it into Diablo II.

As of now, the safe assumption is that the "Gem Activated" message continues to hold no meaning and it is just there as a moment of nostalgia for all Diablo fans.