Diablo 4 Aspects Explained

Aspects are simply Enchantments that players can imprint on their Armor, Weapons and Jewelry to maximize a character's potential in the endgame.


Diablo 4 Aspects, much like Glyphs in a Paragon Board, are vital to a character's progression in the endgame.

Aspects are essentially special enchantments players can imprint on their Weapons, Jewelry and Armor. These Aspects bring together a build and can provide offensive or defensive utility. Though, what players might not realize is that there are two ways to acquire Aspects to imprint. As well, there are other variables that come into imprinting those Aspects.

Diablo 4 Aspects Explained

Aspects are acquired by either extracting them from an item at the Occultist, or by unlocking it through the Codex of Power. Once players complete a Side Dungeon, they'll gain access to an Aspect in the Codex of Power. The dungeon will list on the map what the Aspect rewards is, and if it applies to a certain class or not. Aspects also turn Rare items into Legendary items. It's essentially what separates a Rare item from a Legendary item.

An Aspect from the Codex of Power can be imprinted an infinite amount of times on items. Though, the catch is that the roll on the Aspect will be the minimum. For example, if the Aspect is: "Basic Skills grant 20% Damage Reduction for "x" [2.0-6.0] seconds," the Aspect roll will always be 2.0 seconds. Or, players can find legendary loot that has the same Aspect with a higher roll. That Aspect can be extracted and then imprinted on another item. That Aspect can be used only one time, and the Aspect will list what types of items the player can imprint it on.

Additionally, there are certain Aspects that can only be obtained by extracting them from items in the game. Players should make sure when extracting those Aspects that they're used on Best in Slot items toward the latter part of the endgame for a character. Players will regret using an Aspect on an item that can be upgraded later on in a character's progression.