Diablo 4 Druid Leveling Build: Best Season 1 Build Patch 1.1.1


Diablo 4 Druid Leveling Builds, at least the very best, are slim pickings following Patch 1.1.1 going live on Aug. 8.

Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant is well underway and players are looking for the best Druid leveling build. The class has been arguably the weakest since launch. Players have been wanting buffs overall to the class to improve the leveling process. Content creators and the community came to a relative consensus that leveling Druid is one of the most tenuous processes in the game. That being said, Maxroll is a great source for finding the best possible builds for each class.

Maxroll's latest Leveling Tier List update on Aug. 8 has only one Druid Build in the top echelon with Pulverize Druid sitting in A Tier. Tornado and Landslide Druid are in B Tier, but Pulverize remains the best to use.

Here's the best Diablo 4 leveling build using the Pulverize setup, as of Aug. 8 on Maxroll by Jymnasium.

Diablo 4 Druid Leveling Build: Best Season 1 Build Patch 1.1.1

Jymnasium's build, much like other build guides on Maxroll, has a helpful Skill Tree Progression tool to track how you should upgrade your skills throughout the leveling process. Jymnasium notes that unlocking Pulverize is the centerpiece of the build hence the name. Once players unlock that skill, you'll be able to deal massive damage at melee range.

Though, the most important part of the leveling process is prioritizing items that give you boosts to key stats as you head toward the endgame. Here are the stat fields players should be targeting with all armor and jewlery pieces, per Jymnasium:


Armor Type

Stat Prioritization


Life, Cooldown Reduction, Willpower, Poison Creeper Ranks


Life, Physical Damage, Werebear Skill Damage, Damage Reduction from Close Enemies


Pulverize Attack Speed Ranks, Critical Strike Chance, Critical Strike Damage with Earth Skills


Life, Damage Reduction while Fortified, Damage Reduction from Close Enemies, Willpower


Movement Speed, Spirit Cost Reduction, Willpower


Jewelry Type

Stat Prioritization


Spirit Cost Reduction, Cooldown Reduction, Damage, Werebear Skill Damage, Movement Speed


Life, Critical Strike Chance, Vulnerable Damage, Damage to Slowed/Close Enemies, Physical Damage, Critical Strike Damage

As well, do not waste your resources, materials and gold, upgrading armor or jewelry while you are leveling. Make sure you socket your armor and jewelry with Rubies and Skulls respectively as well for added boosts.

As far as the best way to level up, make sure you complete the campaign. It's a great way to earn easy experience while moving along toward the endgame. Other key tips and tricks from Jymnasium are listed below:

  • Compare your items and make sure you equip upgrades
  • Earn Renown as you play along
  • Spend your Gold wisely
  • Don't Imprint your weapons
  • Level up your potions

As new patches and seasons are released, be sure to keep an eye on Maxroll's tier list section to see which builds are rising and falling.

Check out Jymnasium's full leveling guide here.