Diablo 4 Season Blessings Explained


Diablo 4 Season Blessings is a new mechanic coming with Season of the Malignant (Season 1).

Diablo 4's first seasonal content drop, Season of the Malignant, is coming in on July 20 and with it a new Season Blessings mechanic. Players can earn a special currency called Smoldering Ashes throughout a season. Players can then deposit the Smoldering Ashes into one of five Urns for a unique boost throughout the season.

Diablo 4 Season Blessings Explained

Here is a list of the five Urns available through Season Blessings:

  • Urn of Aggression - Boost to XP earned from monster kills
  • Urn of Bargaining - Boost to the amount of Gold earned from vendor sales
  • Urn of Reclamation - Boost to the chance of rare materials from salvage
  • Urn of Prolonging - Boost to the duration of all Elixirs
  • Urn of Malignance - Boost to the chance of powerful Malignant Heart drops. Hearts drop after completing the campaign

Each Urn has four levels and Ashes are earned through the Seasonal Battle Pass. It seems the first four might be staples in future seasons, while Urn of the Malignance applies to Season 1's new mechanic. Perhaps Blizzard changes out the Season Blessings options each season. As well, players can choose which Urns they want to prioritize.

Struggling on gold for those repetitive enchantments? Deposit into the Urn of Bargaining. Need more materials for crafting upgrades? Urn of Reclamation is a great choice. The amount of customization adds to Diablo 4's attractiveness of crafting unique play styles for each individual player.