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Diablo 4 Will Be Loot Box-Free, Blizzard Confirms

An in-game cosmetic from Diablo 4.
An in-game cosmetic from Diablo 4. / Courtesy of Blizzard

Developer Blizzard has confirmed Diablo 4 won't include any form of loot box or pay-to-win element.

The info comes from an in-depth look at the game's monetization plans, including the detail that it will be sold as a full-price game with a premium battle pass available to purchase and a shop for in-game cosmetics. None of the items for sale will affect players' power levels.

"Cosmetics give players even more options to customize the visual appearance of their characters," Kegan Clark, director of product for Diablo IV, wrote in a blog post. "Nothing offered in the Shop grants a direct or indirect gameplay advantage. So, while many of these may look like powerful pieces of gear, they have no in-game stats."

The battle pass will follow in the vein of similar offerings from Fortnite or Valorant, giving players the chance to unlock cosmetics for free, or at an accelerated rate (and with exclusive items and gameplay boosts such as XP bonuses) for a cost. The item shop, meanwhile, will feature cosmetics available to purchase with in-game currency.

"We want buying things to feel good — before, during, and after purchase. So if players choose to buy something, it should be because they want to, not because they feel like they have to," Clark wrote.

This decision continues Blizzard's move away from loot boxes, which began when the developer removed the system from Overwatch ahead of Overwatch 2's launch. That game, too, will move to a battle pass system, with a new in-game currency players can use to buy cosmetics.