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Diablo II Resurrection: Patch 9.27 Notes

Courtesy of Blizzard
Courtesy of Blizzard /

Diablo II has received its most recent patch, fixing a few minor bugs within the game, mainly involving the UI. This is a minor patch considering the many issues currently in the game, which has caused players all over the internet to complain about the current state of the game post release. Here are the Patch Notes for update 9.27

Diablo II Resurrection: Patch 9.27 Notes

1. General

Fixed an issue where the mini map would overlap with prior session mini maps.

2. Stability and Performance

Fixed numerous related miscellaneous bugs that would cause user clients to crash.

These changes felt underwhelming to the majority of players, who have had to point out numerous bugs and issues to the developers over the time since the game had launched. The game, for some, is nearly unplayable currently with severe connection issues. This is not to mention the game ruining bug which causes player characters to completely disappear, and sometimes to never return.

These glitches, combined with this quite barren patch has agitated the Diablo player base and for good reason. This game is seeing quite a messy launch, which is not what Blizzard wants to see for its legendary IP. Hopefully the rough start can be turned around but for now players who want to stay loyal to the franchise will have to settle for some serious issues while playing the game.