Diablo Immortal Blood Rose Spawn Time

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Players have been wondering about the spawn time for the Blood Rose on Diablo Immortal. While the exact spawn time is unknown, a good estimate is around 15-30 minutes.

The Blood Rose is one of the two bosses found in the Dark Wood along with The Countess. The Blood Rose gathers blood and feeds it to The Countess in order to keep her alive. The Dark Wood, where they reside, is an eerie forest that traces its origins back to Diablo II, where it served as one of the early areas of the game.

Diablo Immortal Blood Rose Spawn Time

The Blood Rose can be found in the western part of the Dark Wood. Specifically, it's found in the Sanguine Ruins as part of the "Blood Resurrection" quest. Midway through the quest, the player will have to venture into the Lair of the Blood Rose and slay them.

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The spawn time of the Blood Rose is not perfectly consistent once it's been previously killed, so players will likely need to wait a little while before engaging with the beast that fuels the corruption of its land. Once it appears, though, it's your job to slay it down and collect all the rewards that drop!