Diablo Immortal Crests: How Do They Work?

Crests are the type of special currency in Diablo Immortal.
Crests are the type of special currency in Diablo Immortal. / Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Crests are a type of special currency in Diablo Immortal. You can get these in Diablo Immortal through Eternal Orbs — the micro-transaction currency in Diablo — Diamonds, or simply logging in to earn one Rare Crest for free each day.

Crests allow you to earn bonuses for running Rifts challenges. Here's how they work.

How Do Crests Work in Diablo Immortal

Each player can use three Crests per Rift, but you can party with up to four other people, and the party using at least 10 Legendary Crests on one run will also Empower the Rift, greatly increasing the rewards.

There are two types of Crests in Diablo Immortal: Rare and Legendary Crests. Rare Crests grant you one Rift modifier. Using Legendary Crests grants you two Rift modifiers and guarantees you a Legendary gem at the end of your Rift run, as well as rune drops.

You can run rifts without a Crest, but the rewards for doing so aren’t really worth it unless you invest Crests before your run. In running Rifts, among other activities, you’ll earn yet another currency called Hilts. You can use Hilts to purchase things from the Hilt Trader, located east of the Rift portals. The things you can purchase using Hilts include a Legendary Crest. However, through beta you could only purchase a single Crest with Hilts every month, so keep a mental tab on when the Crest is available.