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Diablo Immortal’s First Major Update is Coming September 28

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Diablo Immortal will be undergoing its first major update titled "Forgotten Nightmares" which will be adding a plethora of content for players to explore and conquer.

With the addition of Forgotten Nightmares will be a new dungeon titled Silent Monastery that players will be able to take on while they are level 60 and above in parties of two to four. This dungeon will culminate with an epic battle against the dungeon's boss, the Ancient Nightmare. Players looking for a challenge will be sure to find one creeping in the darkness of the ancient temple.

Along with the addition of Diablo Immortal's new dungeon comes a revamp of the Warband, serving almost as a guild to help players run content together. This serves in conjunction with another feature being added to this update, Castle Cyrangar. According to the official blog post for Diablo Immortal, this will serve as "a new place for your Warband to call home."

A new battle pass will also be added with this update, called Scions of the Storm. This will allow players to grind out various challenges for rewards such as legendary gems. Along with the standard battle pass, players will be able to purchase an empowered battle pass and a collector's empowered battle pass to gain more lucrative rewards and cosmetics.

The update is scheduled to drop on Sept. 28, giving players more content to grind out and explore.