Diablo IV: How to Get Malignant Hearts


As a fraction of the Diablo IV experience, players can hunt down and obtain Malignant Hearts as a method of upgrading their avatars during the Season of the Malignant's arrival to the game on July 20.

The Malignant Hearts, items unique to this post-game content drop, function in a similar fashion to Gems, whereby equipping them with pieces of gear will cause significant power level spikes, due to new abilities available.

With 32 potential Legendary Abilities for the player to choose from with the successful achievement of a Malignant Heart, players can easily see how this bounty will provide for excellent power-ups in the future.

How to Get Malignant Hearts in Diablo 4

Elite enemies that will potentially trigger the possibility of obtaining a Malignant Heart will be distinguishable due to their names signifying they contain the item, having the word Malignant in their title.

In order to receive a Malignant Heart, the player must successfully perform a special ritual on the item after it drops from an enemy. Worth noting is that these enemies typically have a heightened power level, and thus will require more valor to defeat.

The ritual the player performs to ideally gain access to the Malignant Heart will pose a significant challenge. Using the special quest item, the Cage of Binding, the already difficult enemy just defeated will be revived and powered up, additionally permitting other surrounding enemies to join the fight as well.

Once this ritual is completed, the player will be rewarded with a Caged Heart, facilitating access to the aforementioned Legendary Abilities.

However, the Malignant Hearts are crucial in the investment of stronger builds going into the end game, hence why the hurdles to obtain it may seem daunting.

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