Diablo IV Release Date Possibly Leaked

Courtesy of Activision Blizzard

The highly anticipated Diablo IV has slated to be released sometime next year. If information from a possible leak is correct, players can expect to play Diablo IV early next summer. Here is where the leaked date originated from.

Diablo IV Release Date Possibly Leaked

According to Twitter user Aggiornamenti Lumia, a hidden listing on Microsoft has revealed some key information regarding Diablo IV. On the store, it states that Diablo IV on Xbox will be 80GB in file size. The game will also launch with three editions a standard, a digital deluxe, and an ultimate edition.

A release date of June 5 next year was also listed on the store. The game's first beta and the official release date are rumored to soon be confirmed during the Game Awards airing tonight.

With the Microsoft acquisition deal of Activision-Blizzard still pending it is uncertain whether or not Diablo IV will launch on Xbox's popular Game Pass service. There are many concerned parties and many of those franchises like Diablo and Call of Duty will be exclusive on Xbox platforms.

Regardless of whether Diablo IV comes to Game Pass, Blizzard has confirmed that the game is planned to launch on Xbox, Playstation, and PCs. Nintendo fans are used to potentially missing out on certain games thanks to technological limitations. With Diablo III and the Diablo II Remake released on Switch, there might still be hope that Diablo IV will come to the Switch eventually.

While waiting for Diablo IV, fans can enjoy other titles like Overwatch 2 or World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.