Did Fortnite Vault the SCAR?

Photo provided by Epic Games.
Photo provided by Epic Games. /

Did Fortnite vault the SCAR? The thought would upset any Fortnite fan. But with the latest 17.40 update taking effect Aug. 19, one of the game’s most beloved weapons could be seeing its way into the vault once again.

The Epic and Legendary variants of the Assault Rifle, colloquially known as SCARs after their counterpart in real life, have always been staples of endgame combat as far back as Season 1. Regarded as one of the best weapons in the game, the SCAR is always a treat for any player to get their hands on. With good DPS and range capabilities, this all-around weapon sees many uses on the battlefield. There have been variants of Epic and Legendary Assault Rifles, though the consensus remains that none quite matches up to the prowess the original weapon possesses.

Did Fortnite Vault the SCAR?

According to the patch notes for Update 17.40, the SCAR will be vaulted beginning Aug. 19. in favor of its Suppressed variant. Alongside the SCAR, Epic and Legendary-tier Pistols and Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles will also be replaced by their suppressed versions. 

The highlight of the Suppressed SCAR is its quiet firing, allowing players to gain the element of surprise in their engagements. However, its reduced damage and range are drawbacks that may hinder long range firefighting, so players may take a bit to readjust themselves to this AR variant. Magazine size and ammo type remain the same, and it can still be found on the field and in chests.

This change is likely to be temporary, so players who are displeased can anticipate its eventual undoing.

Players can now utilize the Suppressed Assault Rifles in Fortnite, but it’s unknown whether this variant will be here to stay.