League of Legends

Dignitas Acquires Gamsu as New Top Laner

Photo courtesy of Dignitas

Noh "Gamsu" Yeong-jin will be joining LCS team Dignitas as their new top laner, according to sources from BLIX.GG and later confirmed by Dignitas. In an article posted on Wednesday, May 18, BLIX reported that Gamsu has made an agreement with Dignitas to participate in the upcoming LCS split. He will replace Aaron "FakeGod" Lee, who parted ways with Dignitas at the end of April 2022.

Gamsu is a veteran League of Legends player, beginning his career with South Korean pro teams such as Alienware Arena and Samsung Blue in 2014. Not only is he a veteran League of Legends player, but he is also a Dignitas alumnus; he played with the team for almost a full year in 2015. Not long after, he would retire from the professional League of Legends scene, switching to play in the Overwatch League in 2016.

Gamsu would announce his retirement from professional Overwatch in 2020, opting to return to professional League of Legends. Since May 2021 he has been associated with 100 Thieves, playing top lane for their amateur team and their academy team.

Hopefully, Gamsu's return to Dignitas will be an exciting homecoming for both the team and for fans. The current Dignitas roster includes Kim "River" Dong-woo as jungler, Ersin "Blue" Gören in mid lane, Toàn "Neo" Trần as ADC, and Vincent "Biofrost" Wang as support.