Dignitas Removed Dardoch From League of Legends Roster

Dardoch presumably scrimming or playing solo queue at the DIG team house
Dardoch presumably scrimming or playing solo queue at the DIG team house / Dignitas YouTube

Dardoch has been removed from the Dignitas starting roster, effective immediately per a June 25 announcement on Dignitas' Twitter.

Professional League of Legends and Dardoch always had a rocky history, since he came on as a rookie for Team Liquid in early 2016, his first chance to show off his skill on a big-name team. When Dardoch entered Team Liquid, the team was not the franchise winner it ended up becoming 2018 and onward.

Infamously, a documentary by the name of Breaking Point releases, giving a behind-the-scenes look at the tumultuous relationships on Team Liquid, particularly the unhealthy relationship between coach Locodoco and a rookie Dardoch.

Seven different major LCS teams later, and Dardoch found himself as an essential member on his eighth team, Dignitas.

Dignitas' run in the LCS 2021 Spring Split was great, but the team couldn't go the extra mile in the playoffs. In the regular season, Dignitas couldn't go toe-to-toe with the likes of Cloud9, but were able to take a game off of Team Liquid, as well as proving to be TSM's kryptonite.

Dignitas did not get specific with their reasonings for Dardoch's sudden removal, and kept it at "to put it simply, Dardoch's actions on Friday were not in line with what we consider acceptable for a player at Dignitas."