Dignitas Reveals New Digi-Focused Branding

The new Digi is "impish, spirited, and passionate."
The new Digi is "impish, spirited, and passionate." | Photo courtesy of Dignitas

Esports organization Dignitas revealed its new branding Wednesday, reviving and revising the brand's original mascot and logo.

"We're ecstatic to bring new life into one of the most historic icons in esports history," the company said in its announcement. "'Digi', a beloved logo that originated at Dignitas' founding 2003, is now reimagined to engage fans through a range of animations to communicate personality and emotions. This rebrand pays tribute to the legacy of Dignitas, and will reinvigorate nearly two decades of esports fans."

The new iteration of Digi has slightly smaller, more aggressively angled eyes. Dignitas describes its voice as "impish, spirited and passionate." The design and the philosophy behind the new branding embrace the ways Digi has taken on a life of its own.

"Digi is an agender alien nano-technological being, capable of modifying their physical structure," continues the announcement. "Digit exists to be representative and accepting of all cultures and identities, with a reimagined voice and purpose acknowledging Dignitas' industry-leading commitment and dedication to diversity and inclusion."

Dignitas plans to continue developing Digi and the surrounding brand with its partners through animations, broadcasts and other "content experiences."

To celebrate the rebrand, Dignitas merchandise partner Champion has released new Digi-focused merchandise.