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Dino Crisis Heading to PS Plus Classics Catalog

Image courtesy of Sony/via @windycornertv

One of Capcom's PS1 classics could be making its way to the PS Plus collection, based on an Asia-based PlayStation Store banner.

Fans have spotted what seems to be Dino Crisis' lead protagonist Regina on the banner for PlayStation Plus' new Classics Catalog. The image, which depicts a female character with pink-red hair in a gray and black outfit is identical to that of the Dino Crisis lead. Under the banner of Classics Collection, it's undeniable that the image refers to Capcom's dinosaur-themed survival horror.

Currently, Asia is the only region with access to the brand new PlayStation Plus tiered suscription service, which will be rolling out to other regions over the next few months. Players can spot the banner by logging into an Asia-based PlayStation account with an active PS Plus subscription and heading to the “PlayStation Plus” section of the “Game Library.”

Depsite Regina's presence in the image, Dino Crisis is not currently included in the catalog, suggesting that the game could be added in the near future. It's still early days for the service, with more games set to be added as time goes on.

Dino Crisis was first released back in 1999, for the PS1, and was developed by the same team behind Capcom's other survival horror success, Resident Evil. It in, a team of special agents are sent to investigate an island facility, only to discover it overun with deadly dinosaurs.

At the time of writing, there's no information on when Dino Crisis will make its way to the PS Plus Classics Catalog. However, these images seem to strongly suggest that it'll be sooner rather than later.