Discord Adds AutoMod, Launches Community Resources and Expands Premium Memberships

"Introducing AutoMod, a new moderation tool built directly into Discord to help protect Communities."
"Introducing AutoMod, a new moderation tool built directly into Discord to help protect Communities." / Image courtesy of Discord

AutoMod and Community Resources are the latest moderation tools available for those looking to build and sustain communities on the VoIP and instant messaging social platform, Discord announced Thursday.

Premium Memberships, an offering for creator monetization, will also be expanding more widely to eligible servers in the United States later this summer.

"We’ve learned that larger Communities in particular have a different set of needs than that small server you spun up for weekly game nights with your friends," Discord's June 16 blog post reads. "This year, we set out to invest in these larger spaces by building new tools and features to help Community admins, moderators, creators and the members they support, get the most out of Discord."

Discord AutoMod: What is it?

Up first, Discord announced that AutoMod is now available on the platform, which is a new moderation tool built directly into Discord to help protect communities.

With AutoMod, moderators can set up auto-moderation directly from server settings alongside pre-existing tools like Verification Levels, Slow Mode and Server TimeOut. At launch, it comes equipped with keyword filters that automatically detect, block and alert moderators of messages containing harmful words or phrases before they’re posted.

AutoMod also gives moderators the ability to automatically time users out if a bad actor gets flagged, allowing their teams to handle the situation when ready.

AutoMod can be found within Server Settings for those who manage a Community server.

Discord Community Resources: What Are They?

Discord Community Resources and the Discord Admin Community are two new educational and networking resources that were also launched June 16.

Discord Community Resources is an online educational page created by experienced community leaders as a place for mods and admins to learn how to build, engage and grow their servers into thriving communities.

The Discord Admin Community is a brand new, Discord staff-run space for these same community admins and leaders to chat, learn and connect.

The server requirements to join the Discord Admin Community are:

  • Have at least 500 members on your server
  • Your server must be at least 3 months old
  • Enable the Community feature on your server
  • Have at least a 40% monthly member retention rate

To join the Admin Community Server:

  • Go to your Server Settings
  • Click on "Overview" In the Community section
  • Click "Join Discord's Admin Server"

Discord Premium Memberships: What is it?

After initially being tested with a closed experiment last December, Premium Memberships are now set to expand out to eligible servers in the U.S. later this summer.

Premium Memberships allow a small group of creators to test the ability to monetize access to parts or all of their server natively on Discord.

Based on feedback from its December testing, Discord announced the following new features in Premium Memberships:

  • A new analytics dashboard that provides insights on revenue categorized by date, membership tiers and more
  • A free trial period of Premium Memberships subscriptions to offer community members a sneak peek before purchase, and drive higher conversion 
  • A special pool of custom server emojis exclusively for your server’s Premium Memberships subscribers