'Disgusting' Concept Art of Bastion Without Any Armor Has Surfaced Online

Courtesy of Blizzard

Bastion has always been a cute and loveable robot, despite being part of the race that massacred a good portion of humanity during the Omni-Crisis. From his original Bastion trailer back during the launch of Overwatch, he's always given off the vibe of a friendly, innocent robot. However, there are some people online who wanted to imagine what Bastion would look like without his armor. Their answer: a horrifying Eldritch monstrosity that looks like it came straight out of a Silent Hill Game.

At first glance, many would be unable to recognize who this was exactly. Despite having the same rough shape as Bastion, most would claim it looked like a mixture of the DNAliens from Ben 10 and Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. But, when you put them side by side, the relation to Bastion is unmistakable. Both have rectangular heads with a single eye, weird curved legs, and a hunched-over posture. Bastion's guns have been replaced by some sort of weird tentacle weapon, furthering the Silent Hill comparisons.

This whole image is pretty nasty, yet would make for a pretty cool horror game. It's definitely not canon though unless Blizzard decides to rip off Neon Genesis Evangelion and claim that aliens are the source of the Omnic's power.

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