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Dislyte Mona Skin Previewed in New Update

Image courtesy of LilithGames

Dislyte developers announced a new update to the game on Reddit just under a week ago with a video announcing new characters features and skins coming soon for players. Here's everything you need to know about the new update and Mona skin announced for the upcoming version.

Dislyte Mona Skin Previewed in New Update

Dislyte is a new music-infused RPG game available on mobile in an urban setting with numerous playable characters available for players to try out and unlock. Developers made an announcement online with a video showcasing some new features coming soon in an update. One of those features was the inclusion of a brand new skin for the character Mona.

Mona is a strong attacking character with an excellent rating in XP farming especially. She is a bow-wielding DPS character and can take out large groups of enemies her Lunar Hail ability. Her new skin will feature a new color palate for her outfit as well as a new weapon as well. Her clothes become a nice green color, which goes well with the update to her bow which becomes a glowing crescent moon as its frame. The bow is the highlight of this skin, and goes well with the "Moon Goddess" skin that she now sports. It is currently unknown if this skin will be available for purchase in the store or if it has to be claimed from the Record Gacha. Make sure you stay tuned for more Dislyte updates as the game evolves.