Dismemberment Effect Warzone: How to Turn Off

Dismemberment Effect Warzone: How to Turn Off
Dismemberment Effect Warzone: How to Turn Off / Photo Courtesy of Activision

The Dismemberment effect in Warzone allows parents to give their kids a chance at playing the game without as much blood. With many players of this game being from a younger age group, some parents are looking to make sure the visuals of the game aren't nearly as bad as what goes on in-game chat. With that, there is the Dismemberment effect in Warzone that does exactly what you think. You can turn this effect off to make the game less gruesome, and we'll show you how.

To give a brief explanation of what the dismemberment effect does, it is a feature in which allows players to add a little extra gore and realistic details after their skirmishes. The dismemberment effect in Warzone actively dismembers different limbs of enemy players once they lose their digital lives. Depending on where the players are shot, either their head, legs or arms can be torn off their body. If you're looking to turn off this effect, follow these steps.

Dismemberment Effect Warzone: How to Turn Off

1. Go to settings- General

Do this once you're in your lobby in the Warzone.

2. Scroll down to content filters

This is towards the bottom of the list

3. In "Content Filters" there will be "Dismemberment"-Disable

Enabled means that you'll see dismemberment.

Many players also turn off this feature to make your videos more streamer and advertiser-friendly. So if you're trying to make it as a streamer out there, it's probably best to turn this mode off. Follow those steps one by one and you'll have age appropriate content for everyone. Be sure to get your best clips of Call of Duty Warzone Season 1 with this setting on.