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Dissolver Rocket League Price Explained

Photo courtesy of Psyonix/Epic Games

Rocket League decals are frequently among the most desired items in the game, allowing players to spice up their car's basic design and show off to other players during games. The top-tier of decals players can obtain carry the "Black Market" tag on them and are always in high demand.

The most recent Black Market decal to enter popular demand as of late is the Dissolver decal. With many players seeking this hard-to-get decal, how hard will it hit wallets? Here's the current pricing of the Dissolver decal.

Dissolver Price Rocket League
The Dissolver decal allows players to add even more cosmetic variance to their vehicles. / Photo courtesy of Psyonix/Epic Games

Dissolver Price Rocket League

The price of the Dissolver Decal in Rocket League will vary depending on which edition players are playing but will typically cost between 950-1300 credits. Players can purchase credits through Rocket League's in-game shop and start at 500 credits for $4.99.

On a computer version of Rocket League, players can purchase the Dissolver decal for an average price of 950-1050 credits. To obtain the decal on console editions of the game, players will have to spend slightly more with the decal being cheaper on PlayStation versions, costing around 950-1100. Dissolver's price increases even more for players on Xbox and Nintendo Switch editions of the game. Those players will be required to shell out anywhere from 1100 to 1300 credits for the Black Market cosmetic.

Dissolver Rocket League Price
A graph showcasing the price change of the Dissolver decal over the past two weeks / Photo courtesy of RL Insider

Alternatively, if players cannot find a Dissolver decal but purchase but have ample credits to their name and a blueprint of the Dissolver decal in their inventory then they are able to spend 2000 credits and build the Black Market decal themselves.

Granted this is a more expensive alternative than purchasing the decal outright and requires that a player possess a Dissolver blueprint.