Divine Fragmentation Destiny 2: How to Complete the Quest

Divine Fragmentation Destiny 2 is a newly released quest where you will investigate the Vex around the solar system. Here, we tell you how to complete the quest.

To complete the quest, you will need to analyze several oracles around different sectors on Nessus. The first oracle being in Conflux. You will need to go to The Cistern and enter the Lost Sector in this area. When inside, you will find three platforms that look like a large staircase. In a room to the side, you will find the oracle in a corner. Hacking the oracle will alert some Vex. Upon killing them, you will gain access to the terminal.

Divine Fragmentation Destiny 2: How to Complete the Quest

The second oracle is in The Orrey. Inside, you will find lots of Vex which you will have to defeat. After you have defeated the Vex, you will find a small stone ledge on the left side of The Orrey. The ledge has a door that leads into a hidden area where you will find the oracle. You can then hack the oracle and kill the Vex that will come after hacking it.

The last oracle is in Ancient Haunt. Inside the Lost Sector, you will find an oracle on the ground floor inside a cave after defeating some Vex. You can then hack the oracle and complete this portion of the quest. Afterwards, you will need to collect 120 Decryption Core Fragments by killing Vex in the Vex Offensive activity.

Photo courtesy of Bungie