Divinity Original Sin 2 Switch Price

Divinity Original Sin 2 Switch price has been set for some time and the game is available to download on the Nintendo Switch. One of the biggest surprises is the addition of cross-saving from your game on Steam. Players can buy the game for the Switch and port their saves over to the console.

Original Sin 2 is a tactical RPG with a diverse cast and storyline. While the game can be played solo, the RPG is also built to allow for four player co-op, with each player taking a part in the campaign and interacting with the world.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Switch Price

Players can purchase Divinity Original Sin 2 on the Switch for $50.

The Switch has received plenty of big news lately especially with the most recent Nintendo Direct. We've seen new announcements for Luigi's Mansion 3 and the return of classic Star Wars titles. The downside has been the questionable design of the new generation of Pokemon. While many are excited for Pokemon Sword and Shield, the new Pokemon are subpar so far. Hopefully, we'll see much better designs as we get closer to the launch.

Photo courtesy of Larian Studios