Division Rivals Rewards FIFA 21: When do They Release?

Photo by EA Sports

Division Rivals rewards FIFA 21 are one of three major rewards players receive each week in Ultimate Team.

Division Rivals is the second most competitive mode in FIFA Ultimate Team. EA Sports has upped the ante this year to combat certain unfavorable aspects from FIFA 20 to make Division Rivals more competitive. Despite not being the flagship competitive mode, there's nothing quite like achieving Division 1 each year.

Fans only have 30 games each week to earn enough points for rewards. After that, players can only move up or down in divisions. EA Sports also added coin bonuses each time a player promotes for the first time to encourage climbing.

Division Rivals Rewards FIFA 21: When do They Release?

So, when do Division Rivals rewards come out each week?

Division Rivals rewards, along with FUT Champions rewards once Weekend League starts, release at 4 a.m. ET. Keep in mind that just like content drops, FIFA Ultimate Team rewards are susceptible to time changes. Keep that in mind when expecting rewards.

Players have three options for Division Rivals rewards. One is a lump sum of coins, one is tradeable packs and the last is untradeable packs. Rewards improve each rank and in each division. As of writing, it's unknown if Weekend League games will still grant 400 Rivals points per game. It's unlikely as it would essentially force all players to play FUT Champions to get Rank 1 in Division Rivals.