Do I Need to Buy Modern Warfare 2 to Play Raids?


Wondering if you'll need to purchase Modern Warfare 2 in order to play the new raids? Here's what you need to know.

With the newly revealed raids of Modern Warfare 2 bringing a new level of excitement to the Call of Duty community, many players are wondering if this mode will be free to play or if it will be locked behind Modern Warfare 2.

While Call of Duty is no stranger to free to play games such as the original Warzone and Warzone 2, many players are still hoping to be able to play with their friends that do not own the game.

Do I Need to Buy Modern Warfare 2 to Play Raids?

Unfortunately, players who don't own Modern Warfare 2 will be unable to join their friends in the new raid modes as they are locked behind Special Ops mode. Although this might come as a blow to many, these new raids will still offer new content for those who already own Modern Warfare 2.

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