Do I Need to Make a New Character for Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree?


2022 Game of the Year winner Elden Ring is getting DLC, much to the surprise and delight of hardcore players. Shadow of the Erdtree was announced via tweet last month, promising tons of new content for Elden Ring, but details are scarce. One question is whether or not you should make a new character for the DLC or use an existing one.

Elden Ring took over the gaming world last year, instantly catapulting to the top of the review scale and claiming a spot among the best games of all time. Incorporating tried-and-true Soulsbourne gameplay, a world developed partly by renowned fantasy author George R.R Martin and a massive open world, Elden Ring is already a comprehensive package - and now it's getting DLC.

Do I Need to Make a New Character for Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree?

It's unlikely players will have to make a new character for the DLC. If it takes place after the end of the main story, players will probably be able to continue from where they left off using existing characters (and will probably need to use high level characters if the DLC is intended for high-level play).

However, some players might want to get the "full experience" from scratch as the DLC releases, especially if it comes with changes to other parts of the game. In that case it might be valuable to create a new character, perhaps even one specializing in a combat strategy different from one you are used to.