Do Rocket League Cosmetics Transfer to Sideswipe?

Photo via Rocket League / Psyonix

Rocket League Sideswipe is getting more and more competitive, which means players will want to transfer their cosmetics from the main game to flex on their opponents. 

It has almost been a full year since Rocket League Sideswipe’s debut in November 2021 and, each season, brings handfuls of new cosmetic items to help deck out your car. Though there are a decent amount of cosmetics that have been introduced into the mobile game, it still does not compare to the number in the main game. Currently the Sideswipe is in its fifth season whereas the original Rocket League is in its eighth. There is even a database to keep track of how many items there are in the main game. 

Do Rocket League Cosmetics Transfer to Sideswipe?

Unfortunately Rocket League Sideswipe does not allow the transfer of cosmetics. This is painful news for the players who have been competing in the vehicular soccer arena since the game's debut in 2015. This comes even more as shock due to the ability to link your Rocket League and Sideswipe account; all players are forced to start from scratch on the mobile game.

However, there are benefits that can transfer between the games. When a player levels up in Sideswipe, they are awarded with a Bonus Win in Rocket League. The extra XP from the Bonus Win will carry over once a player wins an Online Match in Rocket League. This mechanic works both ways.