Do the Choices Matter in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2's choices do matter. Here are some of the most important you'll make in-game.
Dying Light 2's choices do matter. Here are some of the most important you'll make in-game. / Photo courtesy of Techland

Do the choices matter in Dying Light 2? As the latest AAA release, Dying Light 2 sports many of the hottest features in gaming today. In addition to a wide open world, parkour and skill trees for players to explore, it also includes several major choices that alter the path of the game.

The short answer to this question is that yes, your choices matter. If you want more info than that, you'll quickly run into spoilers. If that's what you're after, read on for how each of the major choices in the game affects the world.

Do the Choices Matter in Dying Light 2?

There are a handful of major choices in Dying Light 2. These will change dialogue, change out how or where a mission is played, or provide specific material benefits.

First Choice: The Raid

The first major choice the game presents during the Raid quest. You'll have to choose between going to Aitor or meeting Sophie. Aitor leads the Peacekeepers in Villedor, and Sophie is a survivor in the Bazaar.

Whichever you pick will receive control of the Water Tower. Choosing the Peacekeepers will place more car traps in the field, and choosing the Bazaar will place landing bars and other items in the environment to make traversal easier.

You can also negotiate with the renegades holding the Water Tower, and if you let them live you'll be able to do a side quest with them later in the game.

This decision also changes the next main mission you'll paly through. If you choose the Peacekeepers you'll fight Barney from the Bazaar while working with the PKs in the mission Into the Dark. If you choose the Bazaar, you'll play the Revolution mission and blow up a PK windmill and protect the Bazaar from their retaliations.

Second Choice: Welcome On Board

In Welcome on Board you'll have to choose between helping Juan or Jack Matt. Pick Juan and you'll play the Cathedral mission, sneaking through a church to find Kurt and unlock his safehouse.

If you pick Jack Matt, you'll be sent to find Demoulin. The trail will lead you to a fearsome infected enemy. Kill it and you'll meet up with Demoulin, who will send you to find the rest of their squad on a nearby roof.

Third Choice: Broadcast

Eventually have to choose whether to give control of the VNC tower to Jack Matt, Juan or Frank. If you choose Jack Matt, he'll broadcast PK propaganda. Choosing Juan, the same thing will happen but you'll be able to bug and listen in on Jack Matt's transmissions. Choosing Frank will have him broadcast music to the city, and eventually he'll spy on the renegades' radio communications. It will also help you befriend Lawan.

In the Lawan-related mission Shoes, your choice will have consequences. If you picked Juan, you'll investigate Jack Matt. If you picked Frank, you'll activate more broadcast towers to increase his range. These choices also affect the Now or Never quest leading into the game's ending.

Fourth Choice: Deals with the Devil

After you've defeated Hakon as part of this quest, you'll have the option to spare or kill him. Whichever you choose, Lawan will then enter. If Hakon is still alive, you'll have the chance to convince her not to kill him. If you keep Hakon alive, Lawan will start to move on in her life, and Hakon will join up at the Fish Eye.

Fifth Choice: Now or Never

Several aspects of this quest will vary based on the previous choices you've made, but one choice at the center of the quest will be the same no matter what. You'll have to decide whether to join the Colonel or to help the survivors. Your choice will determine who you fight for the rest of the mission, and how it will play out.

Finally, in the mission X13 you'll make decisions that will change the game after the missions have dried up.