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Do You Need PS Plus to Play Knockout City?

courtesy of Electronic Arts

Knockout City requires PS Plus for PlayStation 4/5 players.

The first season in Knockout City finally started on Tuesday May 25. The first Diamond Ranked player has been announced as well. It is not surprising considering how popular the game has been so far.

Knockout City is an online multiplayer game that cannot be played in a single player mode. Thus internet connection will be required for this game.

Do You Need PS Plus to Play Knockout City?

The same applies to Play Station players. PS Plus is a requirement to play Knockout City for players on PS4 and PS5.

For those who do not know what this is, PS Plus is a paid subscription service with various features included. There are rumors of a Video Pass that offers streaming service will be added to PS Plus, but it has not been officially confirmed yet.

  • Two free games every month
  • Access to online multiplayer gaming
  • Exclusive discounts from PlayStation Store
  • 100 GB cloud storage
  • Bonus Content for certain games

Thus, to have internet connection for online games such as Knockout City, PS Plus is required.