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Do You Need Wi-Fi to Play Nintendo Switch Sports?

Image courtesy of Nintendo

Nintendo's latest party game, Nintendo Switch Sports, has arrived. But do you need Wi-Fi in order to play?

It seems Wii Sports finally has its sequel. Nintendo Switch Sports. Set in a sports facility called Spocco Square, the game will no doubt have players feeling nostalgic toward the Wii's most famous venture. This time, players will be utilizing the Joy-Cons in a variety of sports. Some returning from the previous entry, while others brand new.

Wii Sports has historically been a go-to party game for families and friends, with the only issue being its lack of portability. With the Nintendo Switch being a portable console, many players will be hoping to be able to take Nintendo Switch Sports with them when they travel. But, if you're going somewhere and don't want to rely on Wi-Fi, you might be wondering if the game needs it in order to be played.

Does Nintendo Switch Sports Require Wi-Fi?

In short, no. Players can enjoy Nintendo Switch Sports without using Wi-Fi however there will be certain features that can't be accessed.

Players won't need Wi-Fi to play local multiplayer, but they will if they want to play against people online. In addition, certain cosmetic items for your "Sportsmate" can only be earned through online play - these include outfits, accessories and other items earned through obtaining completion points.

But, if you just want to play the game with friends and family in the same room, using the same system, then you won't need to worry about maintaining an internet connection.