Do You Share Worlds in No Man’s Sky?

Photo courtesy of Hello Games

Sharing worlds in No Man’s Sky has been made possible with past updates that consist of multiplayer and server-wide galaxies in which players can coexist in the same interstellar universe.

No Man’s Sky is an exploration game where players dive deep into the depths of planets for research purposes or to claim territory, and even fight space pirates throughout traveling the universe. But this experience can be better with a friend. Co-op is possible, allowing players to explore different galaxies with a friend. 

There is also another option of simply being in the same world as other explorers, able to hop from planet to planet and explore what resides in their areas.

Do You Share Worlds in No Man’s Sky?

In update Pathfinder, there was an option that was made available for all players to leave messages for other players on different islands and upload their worlds and bases so that other players can visit them.

Over the years, more No Man's Sky updates have improved the game's multiplayer capabilities. Players can now even play co-op together on a planet and explore the universe.

This can be done by heading to one’s ‘Options’ tab and selecting ‘Network’ on the main menu. Once selected, adjusting the setting so that friends can join. One can then invite friends through their friends list or by inviting them via friends code, adding them to the world.

There are also multiplayer missions available for players in the Space Anomaly, which acts as a hub for all players to communicate and take on missions together in an online server.