Does Backbone Work With Call of Duty: Mobile?


Call of Duty: Mobile players have been looking to see whether the Backbone controller will be supported in the game. The mobile game is entering its ninth season on Oct. 12 and, with the reintroduction of zombies to the franchise just around the corner, players are wondering if investing in the Backbone controller would be worth it. 

Does Backbone Work With Call of Duty: Mobile?

Despite the increasing popularity of mobile games such as Call of Duty: Mobile and Rocket League Sideswipe, they remain inferior to their console counterparts due to the setbacks of touch-screen mechanics. Technical issues like touch icons being too small or glitches are constant in the mobile gaming world.

However, the Backbone controller solves these problems with its design to bring the console gaming experience to mobile phones. And, for those wanting to try out Call of Duty: Mobile, the Backbone controller is compatible with the game.

The controller allows those who want to try mobile gaming but aren't fans of touch screen controls to feel more at home with the Backbone.