Does Call of Duty Warzone Have Zombies?

Does Call of Duty: Warzone have Zombies?
Does Call of Duty: Warzone have Zombies? | Activision, Infinity Ward

Does Call of Duty: Warzone Have Zombies? Hopefully, they will soon.

Zombies have been a fan favorite for Call of Duty (CoD) players since their explicit feature in nearly every Black Ops title in the franchise. There's just something about ripping through waves of undead that CoD fans truly enjoy. As such, with the release of every new title, the same question arises: will it have zombies?

Does Call of Duty Warzone Have Zombies?

At the time of writing, the answer is no. Call of Duty: Warzone does not include a zombie mode. The game is primarily a battle royale where players' main objective is to pit themselves against other players.

Additionally, it should be noted that almost every zombie-inclusive title in the series has a common denominator. The developer responsible for these modes is Treyarch. Therefore, games developed by other studios—as Warzone is with Infinity Ward—might not have the same feel.

Warzone's main series counterpart, Modern Warfare, also does not have a zombie mode.

So far, we only know of one CoD game worked on by Infinity Ward to have zombies: Infinite Warfare. While this doesn't mean that Infinity Ward is itching to bring them back, it does prove they have the capability to do so—and, as veteran fans know, there is certainly the demand for it.