Does Dying Light 2 Have Crossplay?

Image courtesy of Techland

With the release of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, the long-awaited sequel to Dying Light, many players are wondering if the game has crossplay functionality.

Dying Light 2 comes seven years after the release of the first game and is set 22 years after Dying Light. It stars protagonist Aiden Caldwell, a Pilgrim, who's searching for his sister.

So, what have Techland said on Crossplay for Dying Light 2?

Does Dying Light 2 Have Crossplay?

Currently, Dying Light 2 has no crossplay feature.

In their series Dying 2 Know on Twitch, which features Q&A's from streamers and developers alike, Techland has said that Dying Light 2 will support crossplay, but not at launch.

This means that players on different consoles or systems will not be able to play with each other immediately after the game comes out.

Despite this, co-op is a feature included on launch. Players can only access co-op after the intro and tutorial, which takes about an hour or two.

Once players have completed the quest Markers of Plague, co-op will become available, and they'll be able to invite their friends to join.

According to Twitter user BenjiSales, "[Dying Light 2] has reached 230,220 concurrent players on Steam... 5x bigger than the all-time peak of Dying Light 1."