Does Fall Guys Have Bots?

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Does Fall Guys have Bots? Let's dive in.

It is commonly accepted that Fall Guys used to employ bots in its servers, but with the release of the new season "Free for All," players are skeptical that they may still be present.

As the YouTuber Fall Guys Skins explains in his video from October 2021, bots were placed in lobbies with new players to ensure they had a somewhat competitive experience for their first few tries at the game. In other words, game developers didn't want casual players to be eliminated too quickly, so they through some bots in for them to beat.

Any Fall Guys player can understand, and perhaps even appreciate that sentiment, but that also ties into why the question has been raised again. Although there has been no official statement on the inclusion of Bots in the new season of Fall Guys, plenty of users are suspicious.

Does Fall Guys Have Bots?

Twitter users like @CanPirate have even documented their suspicions, with many more using their own early success at the game, as proof of Bot participation. Many have reported winning crowns on their first few tries.

Another Twitter user, @xenites, who claims in her bio to have 481 Fall Guys wins under her belt, wrote, "Old players took at leats 50-100 hours of gameplay to win their 1st crown. Now there are bots to help new players..."

It could, of course, be reasoned that with all of the excitement surrounding the new Free to Play Status of Fall Guys across virtually every platform, the game has been flooded with new, less experienced talent that is making the competition easy for veteran players.