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Does Halo Infinite Have Aim Assist on PC?

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite / Credit to 343 Industries

Does Halo Infinite have aim assist on PC?

Halo Infinite's online multiplayer had a surprise early release on Nov. 15, giving players an opportunity to battle alongside their friends almost half a month before the campaign is available. Season 1 of the multiplayer has recently been extended through May 2022 in order to give 343 Industries a reasonable timeframe to complete their work on the cooperative campaign that will release in Season 2. 343 Industries has also responded to recent criticism over multiplayer's Battle Pass progression system and made it easier to climb the ranks and earn rewards.

Does Halo Infinite Have Aim Assist on PC?

Halo Infinite has no sort of aim assist on PC. This applies to both mouse and keyboard and controllers that have been plugged into a PC.

This is controversial because Halo Infinite is a cross-play enabled game and those who play on console do have aim assist. Console players even have options to tweak aim assists strength in their settings. This is especially disadvantageous for players who have the game on PC but prefer to play with controller as they will have no assistance against controller players who do have aim assist.