Does Helldivers 2 Have a Campaign? Answered

Find out if Helldivers 2 has a campaign.
Find out if Helldivers 2 has a campaign. / Arrowhead Game Studios

New players to the Helldivers franchise are wondering if Helldivers 2 has a campaign mode.

Helldivers 2, now available on PC and PlayStation 5, already debuted with overwhelmingly positive reviews from players across the globe. Set one century after the 2015 release, Helldivers, aliens are once again threatening Super Earth, and it is up to the Helldivers to defeat them in a complex, violent war. Although Helldivers 2 has new missions and weapons, the storylines of the two games connect to form one overarching plot.

Beyond the game's central storyline, is there a campaign mode than dives even deeper into Super Earth's lore?

Does Helldivers 2 Have a Campaign? Answered

No, Helldivers 2 does not have a campaign. The third-person shooter does not have a single-player story mode like other popular franchises, including Call of Duty. While you can play Helldivers 2 as a single-player, you will not find an intensive, storyline based campaign, separate from its online co-op.

In fact, it is unlikely a campaign is coming to Helldivers 2; the developers have delivered no hints or teasers about a future campaign. Plus, the original Helldivers did not include a campaign mode, so fans should not expect one in Helldivers 2.

Although there is no single-player campaign, you can still play Helldivers 2 as a single-player, although the game is much easier and more enjoyable if you team up with some friends or even strangers in a public match.

Does Helldivers 2 Have Crossplay? Answered

Yes, Helldivers 2 does have crossplay enabled. Fans can play with their friends on PC and PlayStation 5 without any hinderance. Here's how to invite your friend on another platform to play Helldivers 2 with you:

  • Open the Options menu.
  • Head to the Social tab.
  • Scroll down to Friend Code.
  • Send the code to your friend.
  • Have your friend enter the code on their game.
  • Complete the friend request.
  • Find your new friend on your Social list.

With no news of a single-player campaign coming, you will want to play with as many friends as possible to get the full experience of Helldivers 2.