Does Hogwarts Legacy Have Crossplay?

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc

Hogwarts Legacy, Warner Bros. and Portkey Games' upcoming single-player game based in the wizarding world of Harry Potter will release on Feb. 10 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. As several platform-specific features have been released, including a PlayStation-exclusive quest, some fans are wondering if the game will have cross-play features available.

Hogwarts Legacy will focus on the experience of a fully customizable main character with choices including sorted house, choice of the wand, and relationships with NPCs influencing what kind of wizard they will become. It is an open-world game with quests, learnable skills, dungeons, and battles. "Your legacy is what you make of it," says the game's main site, alongside photos of several detailed mystical locations and action shots.

Will Hogwarts Legacy Have Crossplay?

As Hogwarts Legacy is a single-player game, no crossplay features will be available. As far as we know, the game will have no online or co-op elements that would suggest the need for crossplay. In fact, the only time an internet connection will be needed will be for players with physical copies of the game that will need to be patched. However, cross-gen availability has been announced with the purchase of the digital deluxe edition, presumably for players looking to upgrade on either PlayStation or Xbox.

Hogwarts Legacy is will release on Feb. 10 for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series S and X, Xbox One, and PC.