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Does HoloCure Have Controller Support?

Courtesy of Kay Yu

Since the release of the hit fan-made game, players have been wondering if HoloCure has controller support. While HoloCure does not currently have controller support, it seems that it will be added in a future update.

HoloCure is a fan-made title created by independent developer Kay Yu. The game takes influence from other hit indie games such as Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival. What makes HoloCure unique is its references to HoloLive, a group of VTubers popular around the world. These VTubers make up the playable characters, and the art style is designed to complement the VTuber aesthetic.

Does HoloCure Have Controller Support?

Despite HoloCure not currently having controller support, Kay Yu has promised that it will be added in a future update on HoloCure's official website. In addition to controller support, more characters have also been promised, specifically members of HoloJP and HoloID. While the release date of these updates is unknown, they will be completely free, just as Holocure itself is completely free-to-play.

If controller support is truly a must for you, there are various websites that allow you to map controller inputs to keyboard inputs. Otherwise, it's time to take out the keyboard and give HoloCure a try!