Does Madden 20 Have a Career Mode?

Does Madden 20 have a career mode? The simple answer is yes. But the game has added some new features to keep the system fresh.

You can now use Face of the Franchise or Superstar X-Factors during your career mode for even more variety.

Does Madden 20 Have a Career Mode?

For Face of the Franchise, you create a quarterback and decide from one of the 10 major universities in the NCAA system. After riding the bench for a big, you play in a College Football playoff match and your performance dictates your draft value. From there, you'll experience an NFL career. Your player will run drills at the Combine, you'll fight to make the 53-man roster in the preseason, and play in entire seasons, playoffs and even a Superbowl.

From there on, the system is rather boring. You play games or scenarios, and dump your experience points into your character. Eventually, it just becomes a passing game simulator. The fun storylines can be entertaining at times, but you basically just control the passing plays.

The mode can definitely be improved on.

Photo courtesy of EA Sports