Does Madden 23 Have Cross-Progression?

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Will the new Madden have cross-progression?

Madden 23 has generated a lot of buzz recently. The newest installment in the popular football franchise has promised plenty of new features, including pinpoint passing, new animations, 360-degree jukes, and a FieldSense, which is supposed to make every play of every game feel truly authentic.

Not only will Madden 23 be adding a ton of new gameplay features, but they're also revamping franchise mode and updating all the ratings for the upcoming season. Madden 23 also marks the first entry in the franchise since John Madden's passing, and the new cover will pay tribute to the late hall of famer.

Does Madden 23 Have Cross-Progression?

Even with all the new features being added to Madden 23, unfortunately, cross-progression will not be one of them. Expect to have to start a new franchise, and create another player when Madden 23 hits shelves on Aug. 15.

Despite Madden 22 content not transferring over to Madden 23, it may fully be possible to transfer Madden 23 progress when upgrading consoles. This means if you own Madden 23 on a PlayStation 4 and purchase a PlayStation 5, all the progress on the old console should carry over to the new one.

This was a feature added to Madden 22, so players who were acquiring the newly released consoles didn't have to start from scratch. It is important to note that Madden can only move progress cross-gen not cross-platform. This means if players switch from Xbox to PlayStation, their progress will not carry over.