Does Madden Transfer to the PS5?

Does Madden transfer to the PS5?
Does Madden transfer to the PS5? / Photo courtesy of EA Sports

Does Madden transfer to the PS5? Here's all the next-gen details.

Madden 21 released to all platforms on Aug. 28, and it's fair to say the initial reviews have been less than desirable. Glitches and bugs have already been reported, and the overall lack of improvements from the previous title have gamers in serious distress.

While it's certainly not the start EA Sports were hoping for, there's still time to turn it around. In very good fortune for the game developers, the Madden 21 lifespan is perfectly interrupted by the launch of next-gen consoles. Both Xbox Series X and PS5 are slated to release in Holiday 2020, about four months after the release of Madden 21.

Does Madden Transfer to the PS5: Next Gen Details

If EA plays their cards right, the next-gen launch could be the lifeline they needed to re-capture good fortune in the Madden community. While both Madden and FIFA 21 will be upgraded to next-gen (Xbox Series X & PS5) for free so long as the gamer purchased the title on a previous-gen console, fans shouldn't be satisfied.

The next-gen launch is a chance for EA Sports to provide a completely new game, the right game. The fact of the matter is that Madden 21 just hasn't delivered, and a free upgrade to next-gen is a good start to paying back their loyal customers.