Does MLB The Show 23 Have Online Franchise?

San Diego Studios

MLB The Show 23 has a lot of additions coming to the game this year, but one game mode has been in the game since San Diego Studios took over the series in 2006. This game mode is Franchise, which allows a person to control every aspect of the team and play numerous seasons with that team. Players will be allowed to participate in the yearly draft, play in the regular/post season, and trade with other teams.

One key point of complaint among some members of the community is the lack of Online Franchise mode, which would allow people to play with their friends and have an online league. This would be more interactive than the current offline Franchise format, as players could interact with more than just the AI controlled teams.

With these considerations in mind, will MLB The Show 23 add an Online Franchise mode?

Does MLB The Show 23 Have Online Franchise?

There has not been an official announcement regarding the addition of an Online Franchise mode, and that mode is not currently in the early access version of the game. While this may disappoint some people, they have made some changes regarding the presentation and commentary parts of the Franchise game mode.