Does Modern Warfare 3 Have Zombies?

Zombies is finally coming back to Call of Duty.
Zombies is finally coming back to Call of Duty. / Activision

Now that Call of Duty 2023 is confirmed, fans want to know if Modern Warfare 3 will have Zombies.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is set to deliver most of the features Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 lacked. The game will feature a classic mini map with red dots, map voting, and the Ninja Perk. Plus, 150HP and the return of slide cancelling should bring a greater skill gap in the newest title.

The gameplay features are a huge win for the community, but what about the game modes? Noticeably absent from Modern Warfare 2 was fan-favorite Zombies mode. Players must survive wave after wave of Zombies as they fight to uncover elaborate mysteries, weapons, and bases against the undead and whoever is controlling them.

So, will players be able to test their luck against an army of zombies in Modern Warfare 3?

Does Modern Warfare 3 Have Zombies?

Yes, Modern Warfare 3 will have Zombies. The mode was rumored to make its return to Call of Duty, but now, Activision finally confirmed Zombies by Treyarch Studios in Modern Warfare 3.

At first, the developers teased the mode through their mysterious Unknown Caller. Twitter user, MrDalekJD, was the first to reveal the biggest clue yet after he texted "Zombies" to the number. In response, the Unknown Caller provided an audio file that contained Zombies noises on Activision's website.

Then, Activision published an official blog that confirmed multiple features of Modern Warfare 3, including Zombies. They promised the latest iteration of the beloved mode will be "the largest Zombies offering to date."

Although Activision fails to elaborate, they did assure fans that Modern Warfare 3 "represents an epic experience that stands on its own in terms of unique gameplay and innovation." With so many weapons and maps already carrying over from past Call of Duty titles, we can expect this iteration of Zombies to be brand new, with fresh storylines, maps, and missions.

More concrete intel surrounding the mode is set to drop as Modern Warfare 3's release on Nov. 10 draws closer.