Does Redfall Have Couch Co-Op?

Arkane Austin / Bethesda

What better way to spend time with friends this Spring is there than hunting vampires? The world has vampire fever right now, and Arkane Austin's upcoming shooter Redfall is just the latest in a line of recent vampire-focused media. Up to four players can jump into Redfall, and online co-op is a given, but what about local co-op? Here's what you need to know.

In Redfall, players take on the role of one of four playable characters: supernatural student Layla, cryptozoologist Devinder, edgy sniper Jacob or engineer Remi. Players can play the game as a group or alone, and the game also features cross-play.

Does Redfall Have Couch Co-Op?

Unfortunately, Redfall does not support couch co-op, according to Co-Optimus. Local, split-screen co-op seems to be something fading out of fashion these days, even when it seems like a game would be perfect for it. Nevertheless, players will be able to play together on different systems, though they should keep in mind only the host's story progression will save.

Redfall comes out next week after a lengthy delay - Arkane's track record is rock-solid with games like Dishonored, Prey and more recently Deathloop, and from the looks of it Arkane is bringing its signature immersive flair to a new concept - co-op and an open world.