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Does Shadow Pinion Evolve in Vampire Survivors?

Courtesy of poncle

With hordes of enemies on the screen, you're going to need good crowd control abilities to survive in Vampire Survivors. While there are a number of boring weapons like axes and knives, why not go for a magical drill like the Shadow Pinion? If so, you may wonder if Shadow Pinion can be evolved later down the line, so that it doesn't become a useless hunk of metal in your inventory.

Does Shadow Pinion Evolve in Vampire Survivors?

First things first, in order to evolve Shadow Pinion you need to unlock it first. To acquire Shadow Pinion you need to free its wielder Concetta Caciotta.
It's pretty simple: You can find her coffin on Gallo Tower, behind a mirror on the left of the map. After that, pay 1000 scales and you're good to go. However, you still need to unlock Shadow Pinion by surviving 15 minutes with the character.

Finally, after doing all the steps to acquire it, now you can start to evolve it. The first step is to acquire the Wings powerup, which boosts your movement speed by 10% per level. After that, level both weapons to their max level (Pinion to LVL 8 and Wings to LVL5), collect the linked item attached to it, and beat the boss. Then you'll evolve the two items into Valkyrie Turner, a much faster and deadlier version of Pinion that can shoot out flames behind you to guard the flanks. With this, you've successfully gotten an excellent weapon that can protect you from any attack.