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Does Splitgate Have Aim Assist?

Photo by 1047 Games

Does Splitgate have aim assist in its new and riveting combat system? This is a common question that players seem to be asking themselves as they hop on the re-released beta of the sci-fi themed first person multiplayer shooter.

Does Splitgate have aim assist? The short answer is yes. There are a couple ways to figure out how the aim assist works and how much of there it is. The easiest way for each person to get a feel of the aim assist in Splitgate is to hop into a game with your console and controller of choice and test it out. You should notice that as you aim at different players, there will be a slight aim assist activated each time.

Does Splitgate Have Aim Assist?

Besides personal testing, there is one other way we know that Splitgate has aim assist - the creators themselves. In a tweet way back from 2019, Splitgate confirmed themselves that the game has aim assist. Since then, you can find in different patch notes and online discussion boards about the game's aim assist and its impact.

At the end of the day, players can choose how they want to play Splitgate whether that's on your computer or console. Console players will surely be able to feel the impact of the aim assist as they navigate the game on their controllers.