Does Star Wars Outlaws Have Multiplayer?

Things aren't easy for outlaws
Things aren't easy for outlaws / Ubisoft

Star Wars fans have been wanting a game to traverse the Star Wars universe for years. Although there are several Star Wars games out, none of them capture the detail and imaginative wonder of the galaxy world. Star Wars: Outlaws changes the game with its compelling story about Kay Vess, an outlaw who seeks a better life.

As excited as players are for the release of the newest Star Wars game, many are wondering if they can enjoy it with others in multiplayer mode.

Does Star Wars Outlaws Have Multiplayer?

Star Wars Outlaws is designed as a single-player experience. The developers have not said anything about adding multiplayer in the future. It's not likely that Ubisoft will add multiplayer or co-op mode, as that would mean they would need to incorporate a system that supports large-scale multiplayer battles.

We know that's a disappointment, but don't check the game off your wish list just yet. Star Wars: Outlaws looks promising, especially in terms of graphics and gameplay. The Star Wars Outlaws: Official Gameplay Walkthrough showcases mind-blowing, realistic graphics that have never been seen in previous games from the franchise.

The action-packed adventure will also have many fighting styles for different players. Whether you enjoy stealthily attacking enemies or tackling them head on, you'll eventually find a way to get out of trouble. Dialogue choices will also influence how others view you, so be sure to choose wisely.

Star Wars Outlaws is scheduled to come out during 2024 on Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 5, and PC.