Does Super Mario Bros. Wonder Have a Multiplayer Mode?

The answer is yes.
The answer is yes. / Nintendo

With a hefty roster of 12 characters, new and old power-ups, and weird Wonder Effects, there’s a lot to be excited about in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. There are over one hundred levels to beat, and some might be tough. Luckily, gamers won’t have to travel through the Flower Kingdom alone.

Does Super Mario Bros. Wonder Have a Multiplayer Mode?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder has two multiplayer modes: online play and local co-op.

Players can have up to three others join them on their adventure. After starting Super Mario Bros. Wonder and selecting a user, gamers can choose the number of players. After that, everyone will pick a character. That’s all you need to do to start local co-op mode!

Online play requires a few more steps, though they aren’t complicated. Online multiplayer mode isn’t available upon starting Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Gamers must complete the first section and get their first Badge. They’ll eventually come across a satellite dish named Professor Connect for the first time in Pipe Rock Plateau (World 1).

Players will need to interact with Professor Connect and select “Go Online.” Then, they must choose “Connect” to activate online co-op mode. Those who want to play with friends should press “X” to create or find a room.

There’s also an Online Play Guide button on the bottom right corner of the screen.