Does The Quarry Have Co-Op?

Courtesy of Supermassive Games

With its recent release, many players are wondering if The Quarry has co-op. Unlike many other story-based games, The Quarry does, in fact, have a co-op mode.

When starting the game, players have an option to assign different characters to different players. The game supports up to eight players for local co-op since the story revolves around the eight main characters. However, you can play with anywhere from 1-8 players as long as every character is assigned to a player.

Does The Quarry Have Co-Op?

On top of the included co-op mode, Supermassive Games have also announced plans for an online multiplayer mode. Just like in the co-op mode, all players have control over how the story progresses. Unlike the co-op mode, though, players aren't assigned individual characters. Instead, only the host directly controls the game while the other players collectively vote on key decisions.

The Quarry's co-op mode is reminiscent of Supermassive Games' previous title: The Dark Pictures Anthology. Like in The Quarry, players could take control of individual characters as they progress through the story. Regardless of whether you experience The Quarry alone or with friends, this spiritual successor to Until Dawn is sure to keep you on your toes.